Despite Barcade’s industrial interior—a converted Williamsburg garage, complete with cement floors, high ceilings, and rough-hewn walls—the raw space has a cozy, womb-like feel. Perhaps it’s because of the hypnotic blinking lights and familiar eight-bit sounds of dozens of old-school arcade games lining the inside. Just surveying the spread, which includes classics like Moon Patrol, Centipede, Frogger, and Donkey Kong, brings back comforting childhood memories of eating peanut butter sandwiches and playing Atari 2600 in your parents’ basement. In a unique period detail, all the arcade games still cost 25 cents, just like they did in the ’80s. This is better than being a kid, though, because unlike your folks’ house, Barcade offers an expertly curated selection of 24 microbrews on tap, all for a fiver or less. This includes rare treats like the fruity, complex Heavyweight Biere d’Art ($5), and tasty standbys like the rich, frothy Rogue Mocha Porter ($5). Those who aren’t beer aficionados can choose from the usual menu of mixed drinks, but according to the owner, most just order whiskey straight up. Sip it while you work on beating Zaxxon; high-scorers at Barcade win eternal glory (and their names posted on the chalkboard).

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