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Palm Beach-Broward Counties: “It’s Quiet, We’re Confident”


Adam Mordechai, a 28-year-old volunteer with ACT, had never voted before and never been involved in politics until Howard Dean’s primary campaign. Now he’s spending Election Day weekend helping coordinate America Coming Together’s 1000+ precinct walkers in Palm Beach and Broward counties, Florida, who have been out there since 6 am. He’s fielded several complaints, most notably systematic voting machine malfunctions (all failures to register Kerry votes), but overall it’s been quiet. “ACT national headquarters told me it’s going much better than they thought,” Mordechai said. The mood is high at volunteer headquarters there in Florida. “We knew if turnout was high we would win.”
CNN just projected an unbelievable 80% turnout in Florida.
Florida Secretary of State Glenda Hood just announced “only minor problems” with voting today.

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