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Dear Bush Beat: Depressed in Canada . . .


. . . so depressed in Dallas that he’s thinking of working for the Democratic Party

Douglas R. Mah writes from Canada:

I have been clinically depressed since 9 a.m. Eastern Time Wednesday, when John Kerry officially conceded Ohio. I’d move to Canada except I already live in Canada.

Is there anywhere in the world where one could be safe from Dubya? Apparently that place would be Pakistan, where Osama has been hanging out with great impunity.

The Lancet says 100,000 Iraqis have been killed, most of them in air strikes. That’s approximately 33 times the number of Americans killed on 9/11. How much more must the world suffer so that Bush Sr. and Dick Cheney can get richer?

Joke: George W. Bush and Dick Cheney are riding in an elevator. Dick Cheney goes sniff, sniff and says, “Did you fart?” Dubya looks startled and says, “No. Was I supposed to?”

Thank you for reading. You know, Douglas, this BBC story on The Lancet‘s estimate of Iraqi deaths blames “poor planning,” “air strikes,” and a “climate of violence.” I’d cite similar reasons for the Democrats’ massive losses on November 2.

As for Kerry, well, his concession speech didn’t do much for me. He was quoted as telling his supporters that in his phone call with Bush, he told the president:

We talked about the division in our country and the need, desperate need, for unity.

Even now, Kerry doesn’t get it. We don’t have a “desperate need for unity.” We have a desperate need for loyal and patriotic opposition to our government’s policies. Dissent is patriotic. Protest and, yes, civil disobedience are American traditions.

Steve W. writes from Dallas:

So how does one get over the depression about the election results? I plan on volunteering for the Dallas County Democratic Party so I can start working to stop letting the Republicans define who we as Democrats are. I’m tired of letting the Republicans define Democrats as immoral and without values. Anyway, I have to use my powers for good rather than evil.

Thank you for reading. Considering that you live in Dallas, Steve, I have a piece of advice for you: Duck and cover! And maybe you can get Douglas R. Mah (see above) to send you some cheap antidepressants from Canada. As for me, I think I’ll keep working for the dark side.

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