Listings – 11/16/2004


Start Thanksgiving right—with a hangover! The night before the dead-bird festivities is a big party evening in the city—with a plethora of big-name DJs hitting the super-clubs. For those who want to avoid the usual trance and progressive house pap at mega-monster venues, there’s THE ROAST, a party with more heavyweight drum’n’bass DJs on the lineup than this city’s seen in a long time. RAM Records’ Andy C brings his manic mixing style (cuts and cross-fades galore) to the decks with his trusty MC GQ—so called because his vox is so smooth. John B, one of the most eclectic and eccentric producers (he dipped his toes into the electro stuff a few years ago), spins less rough tunes, preferring silkier grooves. Local bigwig Dara, the Burner Bros., and Seoul also play. Wednesday @ 10, City Club, 250 W 26th, 212.613.0900

For something not so . . . intense, head to FLASHBACK, a special installment of Louie Vega and Kevin Hedge’s weekly ROOTS jam. The two house DJs promise to bring it back to the old school and tease us with a surprise guest, who will “take you way back when.” And they are serving complimentary bubbly all night. Wednesday @ 10, Cielo, 18 Little W 12th, 212.645.5700

Rockers, indie kids, ravers, batcavers, whatevers, unite, as they always do for the MOTHERFUCKER holiday party—this time featuring headlining band the Flesh and hosted by the most glamorous tranny possibly ever, Candis Cayne. The usual suspects, Michael T and Justine D, will be on hand spinning a mix from Bowie to Bauhaus to the Hives, with Thomas Onorato, infamous self-proclaimed “door bitch,” running the red-velvet ropes. Wednesday @ 10, Discotheque, 17 W 19th, 212.352.9999