An Emotional Approach to Abortion Rights


Is there not a way to simply say, “Yes, it is sad, unfortunate, tragic (or whatever word you are comfortable with) that this life could not come to fruition. It is sad that we live in a world where there is so little social and economic support for families that many women have no choice but to end pregnancies. It is sad that so many women do not have access to contraception. It is sad that this fetus was not healthy enough to survive and it was good that this woman had the right to make this choice for herself and her family, to avoid suffering, and to act on her “values and her sense of what her life should be.” —From “Is There Life After Roe? How to Think About the Fetus,” by pro-choice advocate Frances Kissling, in Conscience, the Newsjournal of Catholic Opinion, Winter 2004–2005