Get used to paying more for parties than you normally do, because the Tsunami Fundraiser Movement is upon us. My hairdresser, Sam, is a member of the Hungry March Band, a brass band that’s got a bazillion (OK, 20) members, who all wear funny, salvaged marching-band outfits. The band headlines this particular benefit, which also includes Joemca, Heathers, This Sheep Those Sheep, and the Ruckus Family. Burlesque babes Dirty Martini, the Wau Wau Sisters, and Red Hots Burlesque strip for the cause. Only $10 little-ass dollars. Holla. Wednesday @ 8, Rothko, 116 Suffolk, no phone

It was only a matter of time before the goths came back and seized the city from the clutches of those electro-wannabe fools. Alex Chow is bringing you the very best in darkwave, industrial, post-punk, metal, and all things found on the dark side. Some people who are “coming out” with their gothness include Cowboy Mark, who normally masquerades as a techno nerd, and fellow goth boy Brett B. The next few installments of this biweekly feature the king of local goths, Carlos D, and the runner-up, Nick Zinner, spinning all the scary tunes. Thursday @ 10, Happy Endings, 302 Broome, 212.334.9676

Bravo to Murray Hill for (finally) getting some love, but shame on the writer or editor responsible for the headline in The New York Times’ story about Hill, “Meet Downtown’s New ‘It’ Boy.” He’s not really the new “It” boy; he’s the past, current, and future “It” boy. Murray’s been around for-effing-ever, and we’ve been covering him for like decades now, so much that Murray should just start paying us. If you didn’t get enough of him last year, he’s doing a quickie Murray Hill Show with his trusty trapeze girls, the Wau Wau Sisters, plus special guest Dirty Martini. (Those girls are everywhere too.) Sunday @ 8, Fez, 380 Lafayette, 212.533.7000

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