Iraq: A Selection, Part 1


As I always do when there’s too much commentary floating around, a retreat to pictures.

The Washington Post’s photo essay here; and Time’s contribution; And Newsweek. The donkey is my favorite. A few more, from Scott Peterson in the Christian Science Monitor.

The Guardian is running a soldier’s recollections of Sunday’s vote. And Rory Carroll, interviewed from Baghdad, says security analysts are worried about a rebel backlash, after their failure to deliver the promised bloodshed on Sunday.

And lastly, a quibble, since we’ll be talking about the ripple effect of this vote in the days and weeks to come. Iraq isn’t the “center” or “heart” of the Middle East. It’s on the Eastern edge. It is in the center of the “Greater Middle East,” I suppose, but nobody I know except military types thinks about the world that way.