Faint Praise for Hillary


When tummy-troubled Hillary Clinton passed out during an appearance in Buffalo on Monday, which local TV station was the first to her bedside? None other than Rupert Murdoch-owned, vast-right-wing-conspiracy member Fox 5 broke in with a brief report minutes after the first “Clinton collapses” bulletin streamed across news websites. NY1 was on the air soon afterward.

Whenever a powerful leader is reduced to worshipping the porcelain god like any mere mortal, it’s always interesting to see how the media handle the gruesome details. Tuesday’s Daily News pulls no punches, describing how Clinton’s staff seems to have gotten ill after a weekend event, and quoting a staffer who had been “throwing up all night.” The New York Times skips the barf issue almost entirely, while the Post gives helpful advice for stomach sufferers in the cleverly headed piece “Spillary Clinton.”

Of course, all stories about queasy pols recall George H.W. Bush’s January 8, 1992, “30 Seconds in Tokyo” raid, in which he presented a very personal American import to Japanese prime minister Kiichi Miyazawa. The incident was caught on dramatic videotape, which prevented the Associated Press from dancing around the woop-woop. “In the unreleased footage, Mrs. Bush rushes to her husband’s side as he appears to faint and begins to vomit,” reads an AP story from January 11. “The tape shows the president falling against . . . Miyazawa, who was sitting next to him, and then vomiting on him.”