Debra Messing, we love your Lucy-like pratfalls, your charming tousled beauty, and brainy spinelessness. But I’m not so sure we should love how your sad-and-single-in-the-city Kat Ellis manages to believe that the himbo she hired (Dermot Mulroney) to protect her from familial judgment and pity (and to rub in the face of the bumbling best man/egregious ex) at her younger sister’s wedding is anything more than a male version of that other redhead, Pretty Woman (although he does have a B.A. in comp lit from Brown). A prostitute should provide protection against STDs, not a sweep-you-off-your-feet performance that leads you to believe that he is in fact not only the foxy therapist he’s posing as, but that he’s in love with you as well. Clare Kilner’s cast frolics in the countryside in an appropriately British-romantic-comedy fashion, and at times the characters trade silly snaps, but Dana Fox’s screenplay is structurally shaky. Perhaps tellingly, it’s based on a novel titled Asking for Trouble by Elizabeth Young. I’d love to see the next chapter, where Messing and her escort live happily ever after—and have their story immortalized in a write-up in the Vows column of the Times.