Need it be said that Valentine’s Day is the most vile of made-up holidays? Well, get your bitter, single self to LOVE BITES!, a yearly anti-V-Day extravaganza that busts out the power ballads to help you better exorcise your pain. Performers Corn Mo, Lisa Jackson, Patti Rothberg, Mike Albo (the brain behind the beauty of the Dazzle Dancers), and many more, strut to the Love Bites bands’ interpretation of Def Leppard, Warrant, and Bon Jovi. They are even giving out lighters at the door. Monday @ 9, the Delancey, 168 Delancey, 212-254-9920

If you’re in a more lovin’ mood, you have two choices: Nelson George and Urban Romances’ party called ST. VALENTINE’S DAY with D-Nice, playing classic r&b and soulful slow songs (Monday @ 8, Table 50, 643 Bway, 212-253-2560), or you can watch René Risqué & the Art Lovers prance and preen in an oversexed manner (Friday & Saturday @ 9, Joe’s Pub, 425 Lafayette, 212-539-8770).

Or you can forget all about V-Day, and celebrate Chinese New Year instead. The DISCOVER THE TIGER IN THE YEAR OF THE ROOSTER is a cool party disguised as a marketing ploy for Tiger beer. We normally don’t do the corporate plug thing but thought the lineup of the turntablist crew No Luck Club, “goth-pop” band Xtatika, and David Hollands warranted our attention. There’s a performance from the lion dance troupe, United Lion Dance, that includes 20 dancers, drummers, musicians, and acrobats, plus a demonstration from the Wu Mei Kung Fu crew. Feel like you are in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon with better music. Wednesday @ 7, Drive In Studios, 443 W 18th,

Need a place to go nearly every night and not be disappointed? This week, the swanky Triple Crown (108 Bedford Ave, Bklyn, in Willyburg has sets by Qool Marv, Cosmo Baker, and Carsten Jost. Go to the Web for full lineup.