Cathy Weis, a pioneer at fusing dance and video, is concentrating on small forms. Her new Electric Haiku: Calm as Custard blends the human body and technology. “I pare this partnering down to its essence,” she says, “so I have a very succinct idea: little kinesthetic poems, refined and distilled. Some of them are burlesque, some are pop or kung fu or lyrical. I work very hard with one performer at a time, then string the haiku together and find a linear thread. It’s like life: You have to make a decision, you have to change. As one ages, it gets a little more poignant; each decision is an opportunity to do something new, but at the same time stops you from doing other things. You have to make a choice.”

Weis is working with dancers Diane Madden, Jennifer Miller, and Scotty Heron. “I’m kind of a narrator, which is different this time. In each haiku series I have another focus for myself, another element in the group. Last year it was the sound person, Steve Hamilton: We worked on making people see things that aren’t really there. This year I’m working with Jennifer Tipton, the best lighting designer in New York.”

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on February 8, 2005

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