NY Mirror


Vasmay Lounge used to be the landmark lesbian club Meow Mix, but thanks to a makeover worthy of the Queer Eye folks, this tiny bar is now a local dive (complete with a pool table and a kickass jukebox) geared toward the dudes. Despite its name, this brick-walled bar is most definitely not a lounge. With mismatched, flea market chandeliers and a soundtrack that vacillates among the Dead Milkmen, Elvis, and Loretta Lynn, it is more like a cross between the rec room you wish you had and a city slicker’s roadhouse decorated with Grandma’s antiques. The attitude and clientele are laid-back and the beverage of choice is beer—the cheaper the better. Vasmay offers cans like Pabst, Rheingold, and the not-often-seen-outside-of-a-high-school-kegger Natty Light for only $3, but it has something for everyone. Big spenders may prefer Bass or Guinness on draft ($6); beer snobs will like the Hefeweizen ($5); and for those who hate the taste of hops there’s always cider ($5). Drinks are two for one from 5 until 8 every day, and—in a deal worthy of the building’s old occupants—Wednesday is ladies’ night.