Quotations From Charmin M.I.A.


  • They were asking me to comment on really heavy world issues, like what I thought about America, globalization, President Bush. I had to wonder, “Why me?”
  • If I represent anything, it’s what it’s like to be a civilian caught up in a war.
  • My mum brought me up going, “Ah Gandhi, he’s such a nonviolent man. You turn the other cheek, huh.” And then now it seems like what President Bush is teaching us is if somebody steps to you, you just kill him. Don’t even ask any questions. Just take him out. He’s the biggest bloody 50 Cent he is.
  • I really felt like I needed to know what I wanted to tell my kids—if being good was striking twice as hard.
  • Fighting terrorism is affecting the world more than terrorism. If this is being good, we better stock up on weapons.
  • I use political references or words to reflect everything—whether you’re poor, whether you’re from the street, whether you can’t pay the bills, whether you’re just the underdog all the time.
  • Education is so important. I think especially if you are the other, then it’s always good for you to know what people think about you.
  • My mum is a saint, and my dad is insane. That’s exactly what I am—I’m a split personality between my mum and dad. I look at them both, and they hate each other.
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