Juliette Lewis Gets All Excited When She Whips Out Her Big 10-Inch


Actress Juliette Lewis is committed to showing you she is very, very serious about this rock stuff. When she and her ’80s-blessed band the Licks perform, Lewis is so explosive that it’s like Con Ed set up shop inside her hoo-ha and flipped every switch. Likewise, on the EP . . . Like a Bolt of Lightning, she displays all the front-bulge bravado of her cock rock idols, adopting their arrogance and wild-child blood lust, only to trample over them with don’t-piss-on-my-leg-and-tell-me-it’s-raining lyrics and castrating laughs. She warns the masses to cover their asses in “Shelter Your Needs,” and antagonistically slaps her dick on the chin of “blue-eyed, culture-deprived” corporate pigs in “American Boy.” Her sexual appetite flares up over a “20-Year-Old Lover”; she’s ready for action on the tumbling rouser “Coming Around” and liberating head rush “Got Love to Kill.” Lewis is diligently working for everything her spandex pants represent, and so far, she’s got the gifts to fill ’em.