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The annual Winter Music Conference in Miami is the biggest U.S. festival dedicated to dance music, but it has waned in popularity in the last few years. You wouldn’t have guessed it as thousands of clubbers descended on South Beach to catch a riot of DJs, including big name superjocks like Erick Morillo, Jonathan Peters, and Louie Vega. Those seeking a more progressive lineup could find it at M3 Summit events throughout the week, which featured artists like Bugz in the Attic, Ben Watt, and Darshan Jesrani of Metro Area. Between the daytime poolside parties, the early evening parties, the late night parties, and the crack of dawn after-parties, there was no rest for the wicked. I was only there for three days, and I still need a week (or two) to recover.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on March 22, 2005

As veteran attendees of the annual Winter Music Conference in Miami know, it’s hard to get sun time, so we settled for moonlight our first day there.

The view from the balcony at the Surfcomber, where Derrick Carter was spinning.

Ellen Allien played tough, rough electro and techno at the Friday night M3 Sunset party held at the Surfcomber.

A guy gets his groove on to Ellen Allien.

On the way to a club, some lucky ladies get a lift.

A clubber relaxes next to his new best friend at Friday night’s Revolver party held at the Pawn Shop in Miami’s Design District. This year several excellent parties were a $20 cab ride away—including Josh Wink‘s annual Ovum affair, which was also held at the Pawn Shop. Next time, I might have to stay downtown.

Tiefschwarz takes a swig while Betty Boop issues a warning to the uninitiated. I liked Tiefschwarz’s set, especially when he dropped Lil’ Louis‘ “French Kiss.” (At least I think it was him.)

A girl hangs out in the VIP room at the Revolver party. She’s pretty.

At Revolver. Mylo! Everyone really loved Scottish DJ Mylo, whose crunchy, simple sound reminded me of a more streamlined Daft Punk.

Dancing to Felix Da Housecat‘s set at Revolver: Wave your hands in the air like you just don’t care. Sorry, I couldn’t help it.

Tommie Sunshine shows his appreciation by banging his head at the Revolver party.

At the Pawn Shop, the bartenders are multi-talened. This guy, tending bar in the outside area, would jump on the bar and gyrate, then jump down and serve drinks. In between, he’d use bottles as percussion.

P. Diddy on the megaphone with Felix Da Housecat spinning. Everyone went nuts and it became a paparazzi gauntlet near the DJ booth.

The MisShapes trio, Geo, Loveleigh, and Greg in their short, barely there get-ups. Oh, to be young. Before P. Diddy went on, Geo was introduced to him in a VIP booth where Timbaland was also hanging out. Puffy looked him up and down, noted the super-gay, super-short shorts, and said, “Do you like hip-hop?” Geo cracked, “I am hip-hop.” Puffy laughed and yelled, “I love this man!,” and ordered him a drink.

Ultragrrrl looking mighty patriotic for a Lower East Side hipster.

Motherfucker doorman Thomas Onorato is finally set free from working the door at Revolver.

Felix Da Housecat says hi. He cut the little baby dreads off. I was a little sad.

Debbie D of Avenue D striking a typically demure pose at Revolver with a friend.

Sailor chicks at Revolver. Nobody dresses up in New York anymore. Maybe this is why.

2 Many DJs have 2 Many Worshippers. Actually the Belgian duo were smashing, playing gritty, layered techno, entirely forgoing the mash-ups that made them famous.

Another dancing bartender. No comment on her outfit.

Leigh of MisShapes hanging out with a dead on Keith Richards lookalike. He sat in the corner of the VIP room all night and entertained himself. We were all entertained by him entertaining himself.

Mutsumi Kanamori of Mu at the Tokion party at the Shore Club on Saturday. She is DJ Maurice Fulton‘s wife and she is freakin’ mad. The best frontwoman around, I could watch her for hours. I took at least 100 pictures of her, I couldn’t help myself.

Mu made this girl feel this way.

At Mu, Mathematics Roy “Drank” finally appears with DJ Ulysses in tow.

Saturday, The Raleigh Hotel Penthouse. Tribeca Grand creative director Tommy Saleh is always dressed better than everyone else. Always.

L.A. duo the Virgin Tears, who closed the Raleigh party. They apparently have no other clothes because I’ve only seen them wearing this T-shirt.

The inimitable DJ Hell at the Raleigh. He spun a solid electro set. He also played a bit of disco, but the kids didn’t like that so much. For some reason, I thought Hell looked kinda hot. Unfortunately, Leigh from MisShapes didn’t recognize him at Thursday’s Bloc Party at the District. She was spinning and he turned up and told her it was his turn. Not knowing who the hell he was, she didn’t want to cut her set short and refused to get off the decks. As Thomas O recounted the story, Hell told the promoters, “I am supposed to go on now and I can’t follow up a DJ set by these children.” Don’t worry. It’s all OK. They made up the next night at Revolver.

Vickie Starr, co-boss of Girlie Action PR, hugs a friend at the Raleigh.

Yvonne Force Villareal of Mother, Inc. strikes a furry pose at the Raleigh. Her band’s producer, Spencer Product, is in the background.

Jonathan Rudnick, formerly of Giant Step, currently the booker for the M3 Summit Festival, at the Raleigh

Another cute girl dancing at the Raleigh. I heard a couple of people comment that this party by far had the best looking attendees.

Speaking of hot, Princess Superstar is so totally hot.

Another cute girl dancing at the Raleigh. See, I told you.

Five a.m., the Revolver party on Friday. Geo of MisShapes does the reasonable thing. He sleeps. Smart man. I need to catch up on mine.

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