All roads to techno minimalism lead to Basic Channel—German producers Mark Ernestus and Moritz Von Oswald. Tech house? Basic Channel. Micro house? Ditto. You get the idea. The two producers have gone back to their love of dub—utilizing the sparse yet lush techniques they applied so perfectly to techno on dub reggae records under the moniker Rhythm & Sound. They’ve got singers from the Wackies’ crew gracing their records (that crew, by the way also includes Horace Andy, one of the main voices on Massive Attack’s records). Lucky us, the duo is spinning rare dub 45s at François K.’s eclectic DEEP SPACE for two nights in celebration of the party’s second year. Monday and Tuesday @ 9:30, Cielo, 18 Little W 12th, 212-645-5700

Grime, the musical bastard child of drum’n’bass, garage, two-step, and rave, gets a party all to itself thanks to HEAT‘s promoters and resident DJs Dinesh and Greg Poole. The Black Ops crew, Jon E Cash, and DJ Dread D invade the swanky downtown club Crash Mansion, ripping up the speakers and shredding ears with their uneasy rhythms. With MC Deadly Crisis. Saturday @ 11:30, Crash Mansion, 199 Bowery, 212-560-0951,

Two legendary New York DJs named Frankie spin this week. Treat yourself to a special set from none other than the “Godfather of House,” Frankie Knuckles, when he can be heard on a proper sound system in a big club, alongside relative newcomer Steve Travolta. Sunday @ 7, Spirit, 530 W 27th, 212-268-9477. Or get a fix of freestyle and classic house from the usually techno-minded Frankie Bones at the new weekly WE CARE A LOT, where residents Cowboy Mark and Dirty Jean lend support. Friday @ 10, Luke and Leroy, 21 Seventh Ave S, 212-645-0004,