Second Show: A Dreary Denver Day


We woke up this morning in Denver, Colorado, to snow, ice, and a gray pall over the sky. Yuck. The first night riding in the bus was a restless one for me; I tossed and turned a bit, getting used to my new quarters. I brought along some lavendar oil to dot in my bunk at moments such as these—ask almost any musician or crew member who has spent time traveling by bus and they will invariably mention lavender. I first learned of this trick from my friend Geoff in the band Thursday.

Otherwise, last night’s show went well. We spent the last few days in Kansas City, testing out all the new gear—from mixing consoles, to video projectors—that is to accompany us for the next few months. All the days of preparation were a great help, and the show went well, for the most part. There were some moments—like when the track that leads me in to starting “The Conductor” wasn’t loud enough in my monitor! But I think we all pulled together, everyone played hard, finally coming together as a band.

Because Omaha is so close to Kansas City, a lot of friends drove out to see us last night, friends that I’ve barely had time to see over the last few weeks. Even thought I was busy dashing on and off the stage for both Faint and Bright Eyes sets, it was nice to have friends out to celebrate the first night of tour!

Tonight, as I mentioned, is Denver. I have a cousin I’m looking forward to seeing . . . and the Ogden Theater is familiar to me, having played here last spring on the Cursive/Plea For Peace tour. One of the guys on crew here has a cute little dog that loves to play fetch, tirelessly. It won’t hang out or let you pet it—it simply wants to fetch!

After the show tonight, we’ll start the drive out to Indio, California. We’re hoping to get there in time to see the Rilo Kiley set tomorrow night, and then up early Sunday morning for Bright Eyes sound check in the desert heat.