Morning Report 10/26/05Photo Ops: Perp Walks and Coffins


More free publicity for the White House.

Hey, the choice is yours. (Bush Beat reader Mike Silverman, who lives in Clil, an artist colony and farming village in Israel, passed this along.)

We’ve reached a milestone in tombstones, which means more press for the White House. But not the kind of flackery that George W. Bush‘s handlers like to feed us.

Faced with the magical number 2,000, the Cheney-Rumsfeld cabal doesn’t even have the time to consult its book of secrets because those are about to be exposed by Patrick Fitzgerald. Maybe even today, the Washington Post and others report. I can’t wait to see more smug shots.

Photo ops everywhere: Timothy Karr wonders on mediacitizen whether there will be perp walks today by the likes of Karl Rove or Scooter Libby.

Meanwhile, Iraq vet Paul Rieckhoff at Operation Truth calls on the U.S. media to honor the fallen:

Two thousand American Troops have now been killed in Iraq. But for over two years, the media have failed to adequately honor the sacrifice of America’s Servicemembers. As a Veteran of this war, I am asking you join our “Honor the Fallen” campaign by writing to your local newspaper now, and urging them to honor the sacrifice of America’s Troops by publishing daily casualty reports on Page One.

As I’ve noted, Bush keeps telling the world, “We will bury you.” But meanwhile, he keeps burying us, and the regime has tried to do it in secret. Lucky for us, people like Ralph Begleiter and the folks at the National Security Archive won’t let that happen.

Whatever Fitzgerald winds up doing, the cat’s out of the bag. Eventually, that “delete” button pictured above will start working.