This Just In! New(ish) Music We Currently Love


SYNOPSIS: Respite and nepenthe after last week’s exploitation R&R orgy.This time Uncle LD lets the music do the talking, with select tracks from new discs that have found their way to the heap we call home. Old HB favorites the Residents make an appearance—seems they always have a new record out somehow—along with beloved Liz Mitchell of Ida, here with a gorgeous collection of songs about birds for Folkways. Weird, but wonderful. Even the Lou Reed cover is wonderful. Oh, all of life is wonderful now, yes? Flavor of (hopefully more than) the month Beirut give us two lovely tunes—though what do we have to do to get these kiddies to change their name? We suggest Chesky Krumlov. The equally horribly named Daylight’s for the Birds get all shoegazey for us, and Baltimore act Beach House gloom it down with two dreamy tracks, which we especially like because they’re a little casual and messy, which in our songbook usually equals sexy. And: pedal steel! As for the Annuals, their new disc interests us for the odd terrain it fearlessly and gleefully traverses; words fail…

And that’s precisely way we like them. Listen on, as the Railway Children once sang.

NEXT WEEK: Three Cheers for the Red, White & Jew! With Uncle Jody Rosen! Oy!



Elizabeth Mitchell YOU ARE MY LITTLE BIRD (Smithsonian Folkways, 2006)

“Pom Na Tu Ri (Springtime Outing)”
“Little Wings”
“What Goes On”

Beirut “Prenzlauerberg” from GULAG ORKESTAR (Ba Da Bing, 2006)

“Scenic World” from LON GISLAND ep (4AD, 2006)

Daylight’s for the Birds TROUBLE EVERYWHERE (Bellhop, 2006)
“Worlds Away”

The Residents TWEEDLES (Mute US, 2006)
“Susie Smiles”

Beach House BEACH HOUSE (Car Park, 2006)

Annuals BE HE ME (Ace Fu, 2006)
“The Bull and the Goat”
“Bleary Eyed”