M.I.A Cancels Sasquatch Appearance


Today, Sasquatch’s Web site reports that M.I.A. had to cancel her appearance at this weekend’s festival:

“Unexpected delays in the processing and issuance of MIA’s artist visa have forced her to cancel her appearance at this year’s Sasquatch Festival. We apologize to our fans and to the promoters of the festival and look forward to returning to the US as soon as possible.”

It’s actually kind of hilarious that M.I.A. thinks she can get in the U.S. at all these days. Homegirl’s had visa problems before. And if there’s one thing a descendant of the Tamil Tigers who’s shouted out the PLO could do to guarantee that she wouldn’t be let anywhere near U.S. soil, she’s done it — say, like, released a track called “Bird Flu.”

For now, the date’s still listed on her MySpace page, as is Lollapalooza.