Former G-man Walks After Robbins Unearthed Tapes


It wasn’t much of shock this morning when prosecutors dropped the case against Lindley DeVecchio, the former FBI agent accused of collaborating with mobsters on four murders.

The case was teetering on collapse Tuesday afternoon when the Voice published Tom Robbin’s story “Tall Tales of Mafia Mistress” online, sending both the defense and prosecutors scrambling. The story revealed that the prosecution’s star witness, Linda Schiro, contradicted her sworn testimony at the trial in interviews she made in 1997 with Robbins and mob expert Jerry Capeci. On the stand, she said DeVecchio had a hand in four rubouts. In those interviews, she said DeVecchio only helped ice Patrick Porco.

The Daily News noted that Robbins, whose stories put ex-Giuliani administration official Russell Harding in the clink, has the distinction of writing stories that got one man locked up and helped another guy get out.