You Tube Treasure: Lost Scene From Lost Horizon!


“I never miss a Liv Ullman musical,” Bette Midler immortally quipped about the bizarre 1973 remake of Lost Horizon, which also starred Oscar types like Peter Finch, Charles Boyer, John Gielgud, and Sally Kellerman all either singing or sync-ing with a unifying sense of charmlessness. Thanks to a surprisingly bland score by Burt Bacharach and Hal David, a much fucked-with script by Larry Kramer (yes, THAT Larry Kramer; no wonder he’s angry), and a tacky production by Ross Hunter, the whole thing came off like a giant, numbing fortune cookie shot at the courtyard of a Ramada Inn in Burbank. Watching it, you can’t imagine anything was cut—but it turns out something was! On YouTube, I’ve found a deleted scene complete with boringly banal dialogue and yet more of the chemistry-free Finch and Ullman “singing” as they randomly move around the mountain vistas and fake foliage. Enjoy this snipped visit to Shangri-Blah and wonder if it’s really that much worse than what was left IN the film.