State Joins City in Ozone Emissions Suit vs. US EPA


This morning we told you that the United States Environmental Protection Agency has given in to the hectoring of local Representatives Anthony Weiner and Nydia Velázquez, and will conduct new tests on the Newton Creek.

New York has become quite the pain in EPA’s ass. Now, Politics on the Hudson, AG Andrew Cuomo announces that the state is joining several other jurisdictions — including New York City — in a suit against the Agency for “failing to adopt regulations to control pollution from oil refineries.”

The City got into the suit in May, charging that, instead of following its own panel’s advice to set the “primary standard” for measuring ground level ozone — which helps create smog — between 0.060 to 0.070 parts per million, the EPA “bowed to pressure from the White House and set both the primary and secondary standards at 0.075 ppm.”

City Health Commissioner Thomas R. Frieden added that “reducing our ozone levels will help meet the City’s PlaNYC goals to create a cleaner and safer environment where all New Yorkers can live healthy lives.” PlaNYC is Bloomberg’s long-term blueprint for an environmental and infrastructural renaissance in the City.

Cuomo’s entry makes it 12 states and two cities (D.C. is the other) vs. the Agency.