Report Shows Other Cities’ Subways are Much Cooler Than Ours


We all know the subway sucks, but Trendhunter is rubbing it in. Its “25 Subway Innovations” is full of great ideas from other underground railroads — like Haifa‘s “rollercoaster metro,” Seoul‘s women-only subway cars, DC‘s Wi-Fi cafes, Germany’s mini-car entrance etc.

What does New York get? Pretty much only what creative riders bring themselves, like the No-Pants Ride, and a hideous Adidas ad campaign employing graffiti artists.

The one cool-sounding allegation — that mobile service is coming to the subway — is bogus: Trendhunter’s supporting quote is from a New York Times item from 2007. Plus, we’ve been hearing about subway cell service for years before that.

About the best we can hope for from our suck-ass system in that its ever-accelerating plunge into massive debt will necessitate a retro phrase of non-Adidas graffiti and other exciting features of underground life that we remember from the 1970s. No cop, you hop!