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Giuliani: If He Knew Anyone Who Knew Anything, Obama’s in Trouble


Former mayor Giuliani inserted himself, via Greta Van Susteren of Fox News, into the Blagojevich scandal and its alleged relevance to Obama yesterday. Van Susteren pushed the idea that “it appears to be noise for President Elect Obama… how does he shake it?” Giuliani posited a very low bar for Obama’s culpability. He mentioned that a state senator said it was “known around Springfield that the Governor was looking for something.” So Rudy wanted to know “who knew that, how well did they know it, did they report it, and who are those people? If they had no connection with the President-Elect, then he has no problem. But I guess until that all plays out, people aren’t going to be completely satisfied.” By this standard, Obama is on the hook as long as someone on his staff heard something about Blagojevich that was common knowledge.

Giuliani was also disturbed that impeachment proceedings against Blagojevich may go forward, as this would hamper the criminal investigation. He said he has “always” missed being a federal prosecutor, “even when I was Mayor.”



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