Please Go Play the David Lee Roth Version of Asteroids, Immediately


Holy shit.

Credit where credit’s due to Idolator for availing me of Assteroidz, a fully functional arcade version of Asteroids wherein you fire bullets out of David Lee Roth’s crotch so as to blow up Van Halen logos, giant Eddie Van Halen heads, and enormous hamburgers. Sound FX are provided by the David Lee Roth “Runnin’ With the Devil” Soundboard, which I regret not mentioning back when I first stumbled upon it, because it’s the funniest thing the Internet has produced in years. (The best thing about the DLR Soundboard, incidentally, is you can click on multiple tracks at once and create a wonderful echo/chorus effect; add in some “tribal” drumming and you can make your own Animal Collective album!) I can’t believe this exists. I am unspeakably grateful.