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Most Public Advocate Candidates Not Sweating Mark Green


Mark Green is getting a surprisingly friendly reception to the Public Advocate’s race. The current PA, Betsy Gotbaum, who will not compete in this year’s race, responds, “It doesn’t surprise me that the field of strong candidates for the Public Advocate’s race continues to grow. I believe that is a sign of how extremely important the office is for New Yorkers.”

Politicker NY rounds up other advocate wannabes’ reactions. Declared candidate Bill DiBlasio says, “I have known Mark Green for many years and have a great deal of respect for him. I look forward to an engaging debate with all of the candidates…” “I wish Mark the best of luck, but it doesn’t change my plan,” says Norman Siegel. Jessica Lappin is still thinking of getting in. John Liu “gave a small smile and nodded his head ever so slightly.”

Staten Island Republican contender Alex Zablocki gives Green a lengthy brushoff. As Public Advocate Green “often forgot the ‘forgotten borough,'” Zablocki says, and has “removed himself over the past eight years from helping out the New Yorkers like myself” to enrich himself as “a writer, political commentator and head of a liberal radio network.”

Adam Clayton Powell IV, on the other hand, is getting scared off. Describing Green as an “500-pound gorilla,” Powell tells Liz Benjamin, “I don’t think Mark Green can be beaten in the current field… I’m not going to waste my time.”


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