Shameless Restaurants


Shameless Restaurants is a website that lets restaurant workers rant anonymously about their jobs. I’m sure some of the posts are written by people who have sour grapes or are easily disgruntled, but it does seem that servers generally have a rough time of it, and have fewer protections than most workers.

Are you a restaurant worker with hellish or funny stories? Do tell.

The allegations: Counter’s all-organic claim is a scam, Oak Room’s GM chats up Bruni while drunk?, Hop Devil Grill’s owners are racist… After the jump.

On Counter:

Owner doesn’t pay her illegals minimum wage or overtime. Has multiple lawsuits pending from previous employees.  Also, she doesn’t use all organic as she claims…they get most of their produce from Sisco!  Total sham, evil shameless owner. I give them one more year at the most. Good riddance.

I totally agree…used to work there and noticed all the corners she cut. Definitely not organic as she claims. I was laid off so she could hire someone else for less cash and no benefits. Someone should do something more than posting on this board. She deserves to be exposed.

On Oak Room

..last night when Mr. Bruni was at his table in the Oak Room the General Manager approached the famed food critic to speak to him and perhaps tried to get an early “feedback” he did this while under the influence of alcohol…in other words he was drunk when talking to FB; what a nice classic touch from the GM of the Plaza Hotel’s historic landmark.

On Hop Devil Grill:

I quote: ” Black folk only make up 15% of the population, isn’t it weird to see so many of them on TV?” -Keith. Discussion with other bigot bartender and Keith: “We need a drink special, maybe some Hennessey, or how about Baileys on the Rocks. (Endless laughter.) Keith continued to discuss all day how he couldn’t wait to add his commentary on how ridiculous it was that America was hopeful for this man on his next email. Wow. He frequently uses “black folk” stereotypes and says “you can’t tell the age of an Asian” and that’s why they were shut down for serving minors. Right.



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