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Reverend Billy Running for Mayor


Bloomberg, Weiner, Thompson, Avella, quake in your boots: Reverend Billy has joined the 2009 mayoral race. The charismatic preacher against consumerism and related social ills, whose Buy Nothing Day service we attended last Black Friday in Union Square, announced his candidacy at his MySpace page and in a Sunday press conference. He plans to run on the Green Party ticket and is now seeking to fill petitions. “This is a chance not just to stand up against Bloomberg but to stand up against corporate interests as well,” he said.

The Gowanus Lounge, while not quite ready to endorse, says “let’s just say we really WANT him involved the mayor debates.” He has as much chance of becoming mayor as “Grandpa” Al Lewis had of becoming governor, but the way things are going, a protest vote may be the only kind you have left.


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