Fans Go For Guy With Thick Accent


We were hoping it’d be Stefan in a stunning upset or Carla just cos, but instead fans went with the cute, cuddly, linguistically challenged Italian dude. On last night’s “Top Chef Watch What Happens Reunion” special, Fabio won ten grand and the title of “fan favorite” as Bravo put the (hopefully) final nail in this season’s heavily sponsored coffin.

The show featured montages galore and t-shirts that we were conveniently reminded are available for purchase at some place called (Note: The “I Heart Fabio” shirt that was bestowed upon Stefan gets far better placement on the site than Ariane’s “cougar in the kitchen” tee.) All this Fabio love and merchandising, in addition to his appearance at the judges’ table in the finale, only makes us more sure in our thinking that his new show will be on Bravo. But with a TV show in the oven, a t-shirt, a cookbook coming to a Walmart near us all in the spring, and the frozen pizza hawking, Fabs better check his overexposure meter.

Last night did have its highlights though (and the inevitable lowlight in the rehashing of Hosea-Leah-gate). It was great to see Ariane again and pretty adorable when she chimed in like team mom and said how great she though H and L were together. Colicchio was also pretty adorable when he exclaimed “Go Bears!” in reference to his burly gay fans. And while we’re getting a bit tired of the charming Italian half of Team Euro, Stefan and his asshole shtick still play quite well.

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