A-Rod Rejects Surgery, Will Play With Pain. Why?


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We told you earlier that A-Rod’s brother said the Yankees’ third baseman was going to have surgery on a cyst in his hip and miss many weeks of the upcoming season. Well, that’s what we get for trusting Rodriguez’s relatives. First of all, it’s not the cyst, but the labrum tear that investigation of the cyst revealed; second, A-Rod is not having the surgery, the Yankees say, and will play despite the discomfort of his condition. Joe Girardi says he’ll try to play him less, though his likely replacement at third, Mark Teixeira, told the Times, “We want to make the team better. You guys don’t want to see [me at third]. I don’t want to see that.”

This is very interesting. Doctors say playing in his condition might mess up Rodriguez’ hip even more. Concerned fans like Heartland Pinstripes are saying, “Have the surgery now, A-Rod.” So why take the risk?

Maybe it’s this:

After revealing his steroid abuse, A-Rod is probably counting on a good season to restore his luster. You can’t make an admission like that, then go out and suck.

Original reports said A-Rod’s surgery would take him out for about six weeks. But if that “conservative” treatment didn’t work out, doctors say, he could have been out for months. Suppose A-Rod comes back from surgery around the All-Star break. If he’d been playing all or most of the year, he’d just be part of a Yankee squad that — let’s face it — would be struggling. There’d be plenty of blame to go around.

If he re-enters in the second half, there’ll be all kinds of speculation about him saving the team — the superstar coming back rested and ready, to juice, so to speak, his teammates to a division championship.

If that doesn’t work out, he looks like even more of a disappointment: The steroid bum who let the team down.

Dean Balsamini at the Staten Island Advance guesses that “the Yanks will stick with their ‘conservative approach’ to treating A-Rod’s injury, up until that point when [Brian Cashman] pulls the trigger on a deal” to get someone else at third base. Certainly there’s a good chance that A-Rod will have more trouble with his unrepaired hip during the season. And if he does — or if he just feels like he does — people will have to understand if he sits. Then it can be said that he tried, he was a gamer, he played through pain like Jorge Posada, but the injury was just too much for him.

If he has to go down, or go away, that’s not a bad way to go.


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