New York

Car Talk: Cell Phone Driver Sweep, Non-Resident Bridge Tolls


It’s not only that we can’t afford a car — driving in the city just seems a nightmare. And it’s about to get worse. The NYPD has announced a sweep to crack down on drivers using cell phones behind the wheel. That’s a hundred-dollar maximum fine, folks, and “mandatory surcharges of $60.”

And though proposed bridge tolls have been delayed, they’re still on the legislative menu, and Congressman Anthony Weiner is trying to make the idea more palatable to unenthusiastic city-based legislators by making local drivers exempt. Of course the subways are no picnic either. Well, that’s one more reason to look forward to the New Depression; when we’re laid off, we can do odd jobs around the neighborhood. The guys hanging out on the corner say they have work for men looking to make fast money. Photo (cc) Kevin Coles.


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