Meet the Littlest City Council Candidate


Meet Dodge Landesman, who at eighteen is challenging Rosie Mendez for the city council seat in District 2. “I may be the youngest city council candidate in New York City history,” he says, “but I want to transform our political system so it can involve New Yorkers of every generation.” (Don’t they teach kids how to use coordinating conjunctions anymore?) He gives props to Obama for bringing “unheard of numbers of new and young voters,” whom Landesman wants “to keep… involved in our political process so we can change it for the better,” but at his Facebook page he doesn’t sound so Obama-friendly: “New York City needs an anti-bailout and pro growth Democrat,” he says. Also, we tracked him to a Staten Island Libertarian Meet-Up, where he asked the peeps if they “would be interested in having weekly meetups to discuss Barr, Root, Paul, and the general state of the LP?” He has a MySpace page, too, where he’s shown dressed like a Bugsy Malone cast member, and a “Support the 50s Foundation,” which is odd for a Libertarian, since the top tax rate back then was 91 percent. Well, this is how they train their young: put them in races they have no hope of winning, so the bitterness of defeat turns their hearts toward vengeance. In a year he’ll be a phone bank supervisor at the Impeach Obama command center, and then maybe the new Goldwater or Mr. Bristol Palin. Anything’s possible, really, and that’s why this is such a great country.