On The Chopping Block


It’s been three episodes and now we’re definitely able to say with complete certainty that we don’t care. Eat me daily reported that the show is getting hammered in the ratings, and after last night’s Central Park episode – was the Black team’s pigeon from the park, too? – we’re going to have a hard time continuing to tune in.

The main problem, we’ve decided, are those dreadful end-of-episode meetings around the table, where emotions are vented, accusations made, and tears shed. We like a chef-testant break down as much as the next guy, but these meetings feel contrived and about as riveting as any end-of-shift staff meeting. Maybe if the food shots were a little more porny, we could find ourselves slightly more excited by CB, but there’s something about raw fowl (see episodes 1 and 3) that is a major turnoff. And, while the food critics on the show are a great source of entertainment, they aren’t enough to keep our attention or, apparently, that of most viewers.

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