Your Daily Chutzpah: Madoff Film “Already in Production”


Leaping out of the press release pile like a delirious bedbug is the announcement that Edmund Druilhet “has already been in production for 3 weeks” on a film called Madoff: Made Off With America, to which the subtitle (Get It?) is expected to be added. “Madoff took more money from his fellow Jews than Adolf Hitler himself!” asserts Druilhet, then proceeds to brag on and pimp his many, many other projects, especially his peculiar, little-theatre biopic, Polanski Unauthorized, starring Thomas Druilhet; the trailer makes the Polish director seem sympathetic but in this interview Druilhet attacks him as a “pedophile rapist… pedophiles are very arrogrant, they never apologize… I’m not a psychiatrist.” Dream big, buddy.


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