NH Legislature Passes Gay Marriage Bill


“Then he felt a kind of queerness come over him at having said what he’d said; though, naturally, being a New Hampshireman, he wouldn’t take it back.” — Stephen Vincent Benet, “The Devil and Daniel Webster.

The New Hampshire state senate just passed, by a vote of 13 to 11, HB436, a gay marriage bill — one amended to afford specific protections to religious folks concerned that they will be made to get gay-married. The state house approved the bill last month, 186-179. The bill stipulates that “Marriage is the legally recognized union of 2 people. Any person who otherwise meets the eligibility requirements of this chapter may marry any other eligible person regardless of gender.”

The bill now goes to Governor John Lynch, who’s been quiet about whether or not he’ll sign it. Polling on the issue seems to break in favor.

Legislators in Maine are moving ahead with a similar bill. New England’s going gay, just like Iowa! Now when does New York catch up?