No Age, Deerhunter, Dan Deacon Playing Jelly Space 2009



Deerhunter at McCarren Pool last summer, photo by Rebecca Smeyne

No Age, Deerhunter, Dan Deacon–the CMJ 2007 All-Star trifecta–just announced a summer tour, and the schedule includes an August 2 date at the Jelly Space 2009. Excellent news, since this officially confirms that Jelly NYC are throwing Sunday-afternoon shows in Williamsburg again this year, despite losing McCarren Pool as a home. The new spot–a/k/a Jelly Space 2009–is apparently that strip along the East River between North Eighth and North Ninth Street, best known for its inescapable bird shit, public dry-humpings, and stupid nickname (“Hipster Beach”). Also worth noting: you can definitely finish a 16-oz Turkey’s Nest margarita on the walk here from North 11. Daytime drunks, rejoice, your summer Sundays are set.