Coup in Review: Espada Files Shady-Looking Finance Docs, Special Session Looms (UPDATE: Dems Lock GOP Out of Chamber!)


After literally years of dodging tens of thousands in campaign finance reporting violation fines, Albany coup leader Pedro Espada allegedly turned over some finance forms to the Elections Board along with a $3,243 check, though the Board has not confirmed receipt of payment. As described, the submitted forms look a little shady, and reports that some of the filings, “which stretch from after the primary election and through the general election — say that Espada’s campaign had ‘no activity'” in that period. The Albany Times-Union notes that donations to his own campaign from Espada and his wife are shown in the docs to be filed from his Mamaroneck address (Espada was elected to represent the Bronx, where some people think he doesn’t actually live).

The special state senate session called by Governor Paterson is still on for this afternoon, and the two sides show no sign of coming up with a plan that would iron things out beforehand. Espada, however, has decided to call a session at 2 p.m. — an hour before the Governor’s scheduled session.

Update: Hmm: We have reports that the non-Espada Democrats have locked themselves inside the state senate chamber. Capitol Confidential describes them as “squatting.” Their spokespeople say that they’re just trying to keep Espada from doing the same thing with his 2 p.m. session, and will allow the Paterson session to start at 3.

Update 2: The Post says “turncoat Democrat Sen. Espada Jr, of the Bronx, was sneaking reporters into the chambers through his office.” If he can do that, the GOP aren’t really locked out, are they? Maybe the Democrats have guns or mean dogs.