Oh Thank God: “Alleged Photos” of Sanford Lover (Update: Alleged Photo Allegedly Not Her!)


We need something to get our minds off Michael Jackson and onto the scandals of the living. So thanks to Bitten and Bound for posting what it says are “alleged photos” of Maria Belen Shapur, the alleged lover of South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford. And The Swamp has an alleged photo of the alleged lover as an alleged Argentine news correspondent in 2001, allegedly. Neither looks much like the image reproduced by our favorite source, the New York Post, yesterday, so we’re withholding judgment — the woman looks enough like Ann Althouse that we suspect a hoax — while feeding the media frenzy, which is part of our charter. Now, on to celebrity nudes!

Update: We just got a call that says the woman pictured above is not MBS. Thank God we maintained plausible deniability! There’s an alleged video allegedly of an allegedly younger Shapur engaged in a “newscast.” You may go there for further speculation.