Cartoon Network DUMBO Promo Offers “Real People,” Shredding


Looks like the Cartoon Network is rebranding itself: Now, what it’s all about is: DUMBO! (At least that looks like it, with the Manhattan Bridge in the background.) Xtreme sports! Fire-eaters! REAL people! Balloons! and oh yeah, cartoons. In this promo, Andrew WK (was Poochie unavailable?) appears with guitar and TV monitors to communicate that CN now features “real people and cartoons/both kinds of shows, you got it right, that’s exactly what I said/and it’s gonna rock!” he sings. We are also assured it is “going to shred.” WK’s nose remains unbloodied throughout, so we’re not sure how serious he is. “I have never seen [such] a delibrate screwing of a brand,” comments NewBernsKevinG. Maybe he missed the guy wiping out on a mountain bike (“FAIL”); that shredded.