Mysterious New Chinese Fast Food Franchise: Kung Fu Bing


Despite appearances to the contrary, this soon-to-open fast food joint in Chinatown probably has nothing to do with the movie Kung Fu Panda. It calls itself KFB for short, a play for the easily confused KFC crowd. Kung Fu Bing seems to specialize in some sort of flaky bread, also called a Kung Fu Bing, which you can get plain, or wrapped around items like sausage, egg, and cheese. The menu also lists bubble tea and juices.

A lengthy Internet search for the restaurant and/or the food called Kung Fu Bing yielded nothing except this–anyone read Serbian? LQQM — letters listed next to the name of the restaurant — seem to be an Internet news provider out of Beijing. A call to the franchise hotline got no answer, shunted to a strangely generic voicemail box.

The guy inside the shop said KFB should be open in a few days, at which point the exact nature of a Kung Fu Bing will be revealed.

Kung Fu Bing
Southeast corner of Eldridge and Division streets