Coney Freak Show Owner Who Wanted 5-Legged Puppy is Thwarted By Nice Lady


So there was this five-legged puppy that the manager of a Coney Island freak show dearly wanted. He put up $3,000 for her. However, a nice lady didn’t want to see the puppy, who is a chihuahua-terrier mix and whose name is Lily, made a spectacle of. She paid $4,000 — $3,000 for the doc, and $1,000 to refund the freak show manager’s deposit — and took the puppy home to love and fuss over. The freak show manager, twirling his mustache, said, “See here, lady! I want that dog for my freak show! I will sue to get her for myself!” The nice lady took the five-legged puppy to a vet, who removed Lily’s extra leg. “Fuck you, freak show manager!” said the nice lady. (Dialogue not guaranteed verbatim.) No word yet as to whether the freak show manager (John Strong) will sue the original owner (Calvin Owensby) or the nice lady (Allyson Siegel) for altering the dog. Photo via NYP.