Obama “Calibrates” Gates Cop Comments, Is Spared Arrest


President Obama said he wished he could “have calibrated those words differently” when he said the arresting officer in the Henry Louis Gates case acted “stupidly.” He now says the cop and Gates probably both overreacted and were “two good people in a circumstance that neither of them were able to resolve the incident in the way that it should have been resolved” blah blah blah. Obama said he had talked to the offended party, Sergeant James Crowley, whom he called an “outstanding officer,” and expressed interest in having a beer with him and Gates, which will be the lead skit in this weekend’s Saturday Night Live. The President added that he hoped the controversy would become a “teachable moment.” And it is: even the President can’t mouth off to a cop in this country, especially if he’s, well, you know. Rumors swirl that conservatives will push to nominate Sergeant Crowley on a Presidential ticket with Joe the Plumber in 2012.