Giuliani Gets Big Coverage Based on Rare Joke


Today at a Crain’s Business Breakfast Forum, former Mayor and unsuccessful Presidential candidate Rudolph Giuliani told listeners that “the only way I could get elected governor is the way I got elected mayor — things have to be so bad…” He got a big laugh there, but later said that, if he thought he could “make a real difference in the state,” he would run, leading the New York Post, champing at the bit, to headline, “GIULIANI TO RUN FOR GOVERNOR — ONLY IF THINGS ‘GET WORSE.'” (Crain’s itself headlines, “Rudy Giuliani downplays run for governor,” and says his speech “seemed crafted for a Joe-the-Plumber, Rush Limbaugh-loving audience rather than the several hundred businesspeople gathered before him at the Crowne Plaza Hotel”)…

A questioner suggested that, given that the race is next year and Giuliani claimed not to have “thought deeply” about it, the former Mayor was “unprepared” to run. “When I do, if I decide to run,” replied the Mayor, “I will think more deeply about the issues than I have.” He said that if he were running the state, he would consider abolishing the sales tax and instituting “successive massive budget cuts.”

Giuliani also criticized Mayor Bloomberg’s sales tax hike, and said that America had “made a mistake” in electing Barack Obama, comparing the president, who has been in office six months, to Jimmy Carter and Lyndon Johnson.