Boy Crisis, One of Those Wesleyan Mafia Bands, Needs Talent This Weekend For Music Video: “Costumes Are Relatively Minimal But There Is No Nudity Involved,” There Will Be Food


Let me take this opportunity to thank dance-lite dilettantes Boy Crisis publicly, most recently recognized here for their Wesleyan mafia ties, for changing their MySpace location from Iraq to Brooklyn. Let us also clarify that although I once insisted that these guys wouldn’t take ladies out to brunch the next morning after they’ve spent the night in their beds, based on the indifferent, lazy come-on of a chorus in their track “L’Homme” (“I’m on some drugs/You’re on some drugs/Do you wanna talk to me?/And if you don’t, that’s cool as well/I’m in the other room, if you need me”), Boy Crisis frontman Victor Vazquez personally wrote to say, more or less, that he will, in fact, buy a young women breakfast the next day.

Boy Crisis will also feed you if you’re an extra this Saturday in Williamsburg for their video of “Fountain of Youth.” Your role? “You will be part of a tribe of ladies wearing body paint, and conducting sacred rituals,” reads one Craig’s List posting, while another elaborates on the requisite props: “You will be part of a large troop of girls wielding spears.” Wardrobe? “Costumes are relatively minimal but there is no nudity involved.” Other requirements are all-day availability on Saturday and please note that “dance experience is great but not a must.” Lastly, there’s a rehearsal tonight in Bushwick, so get on it, but not before you send a recent picture. See you there?

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on August 5, 2009

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