R.I.P. Gerard Cosloy’s Lovely Austin Home


Our sincere condolences to Matador’s Gerard Cosloy, whose motherfucking house burned down this morning in Austin, Texas, taking with it untold amounts of alt-rock memorabilia and most of Cosloy’s worldy belongings. The fire apparently did “about $500,000 worth of damage,” and left a smoking ruin where Cosloy’s 98-year-old, 3,888-square-foot home had previously stood. The cause of the blaze remains unknown. Everyone, including the dogs, made it out alive. “There are a lot of people who have a lot less than I do who deal with a lot worse, but this is pretty bad,” Cosloy told The Austin American-Statesman. Or, as he had it on his own blog: “This was a hell of a way to get out of hoovering the living room.”

The End Of CSTB HQ [Can’t Stop the Bleeding]

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