Photos: Jim Jones Did, In Fact, Ride in on a Skateboard at Yesterday’s Converse Band of Ballers


The undisclosed location of yesterday’s Converse Band of Ballers–an afternoon shoe-branded contest that pitted reps from Mad Decent, Fools Gold, Brooklyn via Matt and Kim, and Jim Jones’s family against one another in for the humiliation/jubilation/Twitter-following amusement of a select few–was an old-school Nolita church gymnasium. The event wasn’t open to the public or the press; we imagine this is because Converse wants to own/brand all the event’s documentation for this thing, given that they footed the bill for it and all. No matter, our resident photo-mole Rebecca Smeyne infiltrate the proceedings and fired off some shot on the sly. No shots of the ten grand Jim Jones may or may not have bet on the game–but that is him on the skateboard. “Hipster taunting” was never more absurd. That includes you, Carles.


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