The Next Contestant on That Blueprint 3 Screen: Jay-Z and Drake’s “Off That”


At the fancy liberal arts college where I went to college, there were two major social groups: the impossibly wonky kids for whom learning things and being able to function as human beings were mutually exclusive possibilities, and the impossibly wealthy and dynastic kids whose reality was so artificially circumscribed by the amount of money and privilege they’d grown up with that they had no way of dealing with anyone who’d grown up otherwise. Both factions were, needless to say, horribly socially inept. And both spent the majority of their time at this fancy liberal arts college doing everything in their power to invert the social order such that their massive social ineptness was repurposed as a virtue–something to aspire towards, and even brag about. Their failure to cope or to successfully rock Timberland boots was in this universe not their problem, but yours. Ditto their Tribeca lofts and “highbrow art.” Most of them could probably afford Timbaland beats, too.

Jay-Z featuring Drake – “Off That” [Nah Right]

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on August 24, 2009

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