Tonight: Country Rap Tunes: A Dirty South Film Festival at Maysles Cinema


We’ve made the argument once or twice before that Harlem’s Maysles Institute is one of the city’s most underrated cultural treasures, but this is just ridiculous. From now through Saturday, Maysles Cinema is hosting Country Rap Tunes, a Texas/Lousiana hip-hop documentary festival of overwhelming proportions. Dirty States of America, the 2004 flagship Southern rap doc, anchors the weeklong slate, but there are films here we didn’t even know existed. Like, say, an entire documentary about Lil Boosie (Lil Boosie: Bad Azz Documentary, !??!), in which the squeaky rapper “tours Baton Rouge in a Dodge Magnum,” alternating between rhyming and telling the story of his life – “his upbringing, his battle with diabetes and his eventual rise to stardom.” Even the copy on the program guide is incredible: “If Jeezy wants to see two antelopes colliding in mid-air, Jeezy gets it. Weezy wants a woman next to him to translate his words into American sign language, Weezy gets it.” That’s from the blurb attached to the festival’s retrospective of music video director Marc Kasfeld. But there is so, so much more here to investigate.