GOP, Conservative Candidates Duke It Out in NY-23; Democrat Gains Lead


The NY-23 Congressional race, in which the Conservative Party is promoting candidate Doug Hoffman against Republican Dede Scozzafava, whom they consider too liberal (she’s pro-choice and pro-gay), recently got more hilarious. GOP preacher/Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee is coming to speak at an upstate Conservative Party event on October 27, and national rightwingers are hoping he will endorse Hoffman against his Party’s candidate, as GOP preacher/Presidential candidate Gary Bauer and GOP actor/Presidential candidate Fred Thompson have already done…

“Hoffman is both viable and can win,” says RedState’s Erick Erickson. “He needs our help to pull it off.” When, in an attempt to shore up conservative support, Scozzafava enlisted Texas Congressman Jeb Hensarling to speak well of her, Erickson roared, “today he earns our ire. I believe he is a conservative, but this is a troubling sign that he is becoming a party man.” Scozzafava’s still working on her right wing, nonetheless, attacking Obamacare and accepting the endorsement of the NRA.

Oh, and the Democrat? A new Siena poll shows rich lawyer Bill Owens (pictured), formerly seven points behind Scozzafava, is now four points up. Hoffman increased his tally by seven points. Guess where they came from?

At his web site, Owens plumps for a fair shake for local farmers, a homey strategy that seems to be more effective with voters than the culture-war fistfights of his opponents.